The $178BN Eyeglasses Scam That Could Be Robbing You Blind


64% of the adult population in America need glasses…

And according to University Health Plan, the average cost for an eye test, frame and one lens without insurance…

Is a whopping $562….

So it’s no wonder with the average person having to buy glasses every year, it’s projected the industry is going to be worth…

A cool $178.95BN by 2026.

But is the eye industry always honest with us?

And is the advice dished out by well meaning eye professionals shortening their lifespan and costing us more money?

Or, as some people say…

Are they conveniently turning a blind eye to it all?

The answers may surprise you, because the 3 main ways we’re told to clean our glasses…

May be destroying the lenses.

At first the damage looks like small smears and smudges on the lenses… only they never rub off.

And then glasses become difficult to see through.

When this happens, you’re forced to buy another pair…or put more strain on your already struggling eyes, as you try and see through them.


However, a recent breakthrough at NASA is putting an end to this expensive dilemma, with a space age technology that’s been tested and proven to be the best, safest lens cleaning option on the planet

And you might be thinking that something with all this NASA inspired technology is expensive… but it really isn’t, and it’ll probably also save you a whole heap of money at the same time!

But first, let’s take a look at the 3 most common ways we’re advised to keep our lenses clean.

The 3 Most Common Ways To Clean Your Glasses


When you buy new glasses, eye professionals normally give one of these 3 solutions to help keep your glasses clean…

  1. Lens wipes
  2. Microfiber cloth
  3. Soap and water

While this advice is probably well intended, these glass cleaning methods could be causing your lenses more damage most people realize.

The 3 most common options in more detail.

#1 Lens Wipes – Wipes seem to polarise people, with some people saying how great they are, and others saying how frustrated they get using them.

For example, John Ainsley used to buy wipes inside the shop of a well known high street brand and decided to buy the same brand in bulk online.

He says…

2 out of 5 wipes were too dry, and the ones that weren’t dry left nothing but a cloudy streaky mess.”

Worse still, these wipes can actually break down the outer coating of the lens itself… and the glasses have to be thrown away.

Also the isopropyl alcohol used in these wipes causes some people an allergic reaction.

So they may not be the safest option either.

These aren’t the only bad option out there either.

Here’s another.

#2  Microfiber cloth –  This is the most popular method of all, and is what you’re given when buying new glasses.

Out of the box, it works great…

However, very quickly the cloth absorbs dust and oils from your skin.

Dust is the enemy of lenses, and causes micro scratches that end up looking like smears.So now without realizing it they’re permanently damaged!

#3 – Soap and Water Method –  This is the 2nd most widely recommended method to clean glasses.

The general advice is to rinse the lenses and get the dust off first (good advice), never use hot water and only ever use a very mild soap… and then rinse carefully and allow to dry.

Stacey Trudman from New Jersey did just this, and here’s what happened….

“I had a pair of glasses with the anti-reflective coating, and it started to come off after I’d been cleaning them with ordinary soap…

The optician told me that soap had contributed to the expensive coating coming off the lenses and that I shouldn’t use it. “

So now we’ve got opticians contradicting their own advice!

This all raises the question…

What CAN you use to clean your glasses safely — one that doesn’t damage your lenses, cause eye-irritation… or force you to lay out for an expensive pair of new glasses, prematurely?”

Thankfully there’s a solution that was  founded by NASA scientists, when designing the $1.5bn Hubble Telescope project in 1990.

Hubble’s mission was to take pictures of deep outer space and send the pictures back down to earth.

Simply put…

The lenses had to be crystal clear every time or the mission would fail. Smears or damage to the lenses wasn’t an option… and now 30 years later, it’s still going strong taking amazing crystal clear pictures for us…every single time.

And it’s THIS proven carbon dry clean technology that’s now available in a new glass cleaning invention called Peeps™.

What is Peeps™?

Peeps ™ is a NASA inspired lens cleaning solution that you can take with you anywhere. It uses the same natural invisible carbon cleaning compound formula that’s used by the Hubble to clean their lenses. 

No other lens cleaning solution has been so rigorously tested, and it’s proven to be the best, safest and most effective way to clean glasses on the planet… so you know your glasses are definitely in safe hands!


There are 3 parts to Peeps™

  1. A retractable scratch-resistant brush to first remove the dust
  2. Patented tongs with soft carbon coated pads  to clean the lenses
  3. A compact and convenient carry case.

Peeps™ is safe. It uses no damage causing chemicals, no fluids, and doesn’t require the use of any disposable wipes and can be used 500 times without any loss of cleaning power.

It’s a truly portable solution… which means no more wiping your glasses on your sleeve or rushing to the bathroom to clean them any more.

Peeps™ cleans your glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses free of any residue, including fingerprints, streaks, smudges and…

Leaves them looking as clear and new as the day you bought them.

How to use Peeps™


Using Peeps takes only 10 seconds to use and couldn’t be easier.

  • Simply brush off dust, dirt, & debris
  • Then slide the tongs out of the case and position the pads around your lenses.
  • Apply slight pressure as you wipe the pads across the lens surface.

Then put Peeps™ safely back, and put it in your pocket, purse or bag… ready for next time. 

People who use Peeps™ say it’s quite a talking point with friends and family when they take it out… which is probably the reason why many people buy a few as presents.

And Peeps ™ looks like a winner already… with over 2 million people already using it.

And there are also many health professionals who swear by Peeps™.

Among them are many opticians like Dr Hunt OD, who says…


“My patients love them, my staff love them. It’s a complete win-win for everyone. I’ve had them for over a year in my office and I use them daily,it’s amazing… and the whole exercise takes only 10 seconds”

So it’s also far less time consuming than other glass cleaning methods.


So now you get to win both ways.

Your lenses stay cleaner and in better condition for much longer and you won’t need to replace your glasses as often.

This is the same as saying you get…

                               “You get cleaner glasses that last longer”

The good news is there’s an offer on at the moment…

But the last time they were promoted on NBC, they sold out in 72 hours.

They also have a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose by giving them a try.

Knowing what you know now about other ‘cleaning methods’ you have a choice.

#1 Hope you’ve got all the dust and grease and you won’t damage the lenses with your current cleaning method…

#2 Or join 2 million others and  embrace trusted technology found in Peeps™.

After all…

“Isn’t the money better off in your own pocket… than in your optician’s?”

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